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How can I Download the Fixture List?

Registered users can download the fixture calendar for the Men's, Women's, U18's and U21's teams once they are released for the forthcoming season.Please go to the Website, click on 'Fixtures and Teams' and click on 'Fixtures' for the team you require.Click on

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What is the difference between an LFCTV and LFCTV GO subscription?

LFCTV subscription is through Sky or Virgin and enables you to watch the LFCTV channel on your TV. For more information on subscribing to the LFCTV channel click here .​LFCTV GO is an online subscription which is accessed via your PC or mobile device. For more information on subscribing to LFCTV GO

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How to refresh your NFC pass to show the next match or update seat details

Ticket details will normally automatically appear on your pass no later than 48 hours prior to each match. If your ticket details have not appeared/updated by this time, or we contact you and tell you that your pass needs to be updated, here's how you can manually refresh your pass to show the

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How do I access my Stadium Tour and Museum Membership discount?

If you hold one of the following Official Membership types, you can benefit from discounts on our Stadium Tour and Museum:Full MembershipLight MembershipInternational MembershipMighty Red MembershipRed Squad MembershipTeen Red Membership Where do I find my discount code?Your Stadium Tour and Museum

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Am I able to transfer my seat to someone else if I cannot make it to a game, and how do I do this?

1. Can I transfer my seat, and what are the rules?Yes you can. We have replaced the old Ticket Distribution service with Ticket Forwarding.Ticket Forwarding is a secure way for supporters to send a ticket to one of their existing Friends & Family members through our ticketing system, which helps

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NFC Mobile Ticket Access for iPhone

Here's everything you need to know about accessing Anfield using your NFC mobile ticket. You can read the guide online below, or you can download a copy of the guide at the bottom of this page.How do NFC mobile tickets work?An NFC Pass (Near Field Communication) is a digital ticket that is stored on

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Official LFC Club Stores information

There are 6 Official LFC stores in the UK. For opening times and contact details for each UK store please click here.There are also Official LFC stores in Ireland, Indonesia and Malaysia. For opening times for International stores please click here.

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The item I want is out of stock - is it coming back?

Nike KitWe get stock deliveries throughout the year. You can be among the first to know about re-stocks by following the Official LFC Retail Twitter account. We'll also put updates on the Online Store.Other items​We often re-stock our own collections, so the best thing to do is check the Online

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Tour Accessibility FAQ's

Can my carer or personal assistant (PA) visit The LFC Stadium Tour?We offer a complimentary concession ticket for each visitor who may wish to bring along their carer or personal assistant. Personal assistant tickets are free of charge when purchased alongside a full priced adult or child ticket. Pe

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How do I download the Official LFCTV GOApp?​It’s really easy to download the Official LFCTV GO App from your smartphone or tablet device. If you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Apple device just head to the App Store. If you’re on an Android device, simply go to the Play Store. How do I update my paymen

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How do I update the address on my Membership account?

You can view the address we have linked to your Membership account by logging into My Account and viewing the My Profile section. You can change the address on your account in the 'Edit Details' section. Please note: if you have been through the Fan Update process, you will not be able to

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What happens if there's bad weather?

We constantly monitor the weather situation and will keep you updated in advance if we feel that the weather may affect your booking. We reserve the right to postpone abseils due to bad weather (strong winds, heavy rain, electric storms etc.) for safety reasons.If your abseil has been postponed due

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Can we bring our own food?

You are very welcome to bring your own food & drink, but you will not be allowed to consume this on tour or in the museum. There are public spaces around the stadium for you to enjoy a picnic, but we kindly ask you to take all your waste home with you for responsible disposal.

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What happens if my Auto Cup Scheme payment fails?

If your Auto Cup Scheme payment fails, your ticket will be reserved for a period of time and you will be contacted by email or SMS. You can then login and purchase your ticket. If you do not purchase a ticket for the match, you will be removed from that scheme.We are not able to attempt to take paym

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Is there somewhere to keep my belongings?

There are boxes available to put your personal belongings in but these are left at your own risk. These boxes can hold handbags or small rucksacks, so please only bring what you need on the day. Anything larger will not be permitted.

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Is it possible to store a wheelchair, scooter or rollator?

There is no storage available for wheelchairs or other personal items. Should you require any information ahead of your visit to Anfield please contact the disability ticketing team on 0151 264 2500, selecting option 2.




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Will I be able to use the Ticket Exchange this season if I am unable to attend some games?

Both season ticket holders and members can use the Ticket Exchange to re-sell their seat for Premier League home games. Click here for full details.If you are unable to attend a cup game you can use ticket forwarding.

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How do I change my password for the ticketing system?

Login here, go to ‘Personal Details’ and click ‘Change Password’.If you have tried to reset your password but the system does not recognise you this could be for one of the following reasons:Due to data protection laws, only the data of supporters who have purchased a ticket or Membership within the

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Where can I find Season Ticket Terms & Conditions?

Season Ticket terms and conditions can be found here.

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How do I redeem my Membership LFCTV GO discount code?

As an LFC Official Member you are eligible for a discount on Annual or Monthly LFCTV GO Subscription (depending on your Membership).If you are not currently an LFCTV GO subscriber you can click here to register and then follow the steps to subscribe. You need to select annual or monthly subscription



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