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Season Ticket Auto Cup Scheme FAQs

Will I need to meet eligibility criteria to join the Auto Cup Scheme for the 2024/25 Season? ​Yes, season ticket holders are subject to the same qualifying criteria as members. This allows for a much fairer process for all supporters who would like to attend home cup matches.   Where can I find deta

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How can I find out if my seat has been resold for a specific game?

You will see a message in your Ticket Resale section in My Account confirming if your ticket has been sold. For a full step-by-step guide, go to our Ticket Exchange page.

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Railed Seating Trial at Anfield

Information about Railed Seating Q: Does this mean fans can stand?A: Anfield will remain an all-seater stadium and the areas with the new seats and safety rails are not ‘safe standing’ areas. We want fans to sit safely. Rail seating creates a barrier to protect supporters in those areas flagged as a

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I can't find Apple Wallet on my iPhone?

From iOS version 16.1 onwards, it's possible to remove Apple Wallet from your iPhone.If you can't find your Apple Wallet, go to the App Store on your phone and search 'Apple Wallet'. If you have removed it by accident, you will have the option to install it again shown on the screen.

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Contact Us | Send us an Email

To contact us by email, please go to our Supporter Services contact page​🔗 Visit our Supporter Services contact page

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Can I request a message or gift for a special occasion?

We receive a huge amount of requests from supporters and their friends/family, and because of this we regret we just can’t accommodate the following:Greetings cards or certificates for special occasions/seasonal greetingsPlayer autographs, meetings or personalised video messages.We receive so many s

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How do I log a complaint regarding an act of discrimination against myself or other people?

Any feedback or complaints that involve any acts of discrimination against yourself or other people should be submitted through our Contact Us page here.If you wish to report any incidents of discrimination, be it online or in-stadia, you can do so by clicking here.

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Do you need to be a Member to be Forwarded a Ticket via Friends and Family?

No, you do not need to be a member but you do need to be registered and have a Supporter ID Number to be added to Friends and Family.If you do not have a Supporter ID then you need to go to the Ticketing login page here, click 'log-in' and then 'Register', and enter your details to sign up to get a

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How do I download my NFC pass for the season?

New Season Ticket holders and Members can go here for a step-by-step guide.A full video guide on how to use NFC is also available.N.B. If you have renewed your Season Ticket or Membership for the new season then you existing NFC pass with automatically update a week or two before the first home Prem

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Is there anywhere to leave luggage or bags?

No Bags are permitted on the Tour, in the Museum or in the stadium, and there are no bag storage facilities available. Small bags (A5 paper size or smaller), carrying hygiene products and/or medicines, or club shop bags carrying purchases from the retail store, are the only exception.​You are likely

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How do I add or remove a Friend or Family Member to my Membership account?

We have a full guide here on how to view, add and remove Friends and Family members. If you do not have a Supporter ID number then you should register with our online ticketing service before following this guide.Important - restrictions on adding to your Friends and Family list within the season​If

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LFCTV Subscription Information

You can subscribe to LFCTV on Sky if you live in the UK or Ireland, and also on Virgin Media if you are in the UK via our LFCTV page.If you are overseas then access to the channel is available online via the club's video on-demand service LFCTV GO.The subscription costs £7 per month (€9 per month in

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VAT, customs and import charges on orders for delivery outside the UK

VAT (Value-Added Tax) on LFC products​The price you see on our website is the same for all customers and countries, regardless of the value-added tax policies in the country you are buying from. We ship to over 190 countries globally so do not have country-by-country pricing.LFC doesn't operate




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How can I update the email address associated with my Membership account?

You can update the e-mail address on your Membership account by logging into My Account. New Memberships must be created with a unique email address that isn't used on any other registered account. Existing Memberships that are being renewed may continue to share email addresses.

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In Store Order FAQs

What happens if after placing my order I want to change my items or delivery address? ​Once you've placed your order, we can't change any details. If you no longer need something you ordered, you can return the item(s) to the store with an itemised till receipt for a refund.How do I track

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How much is an LFCTV GO Subscription?

Subscription to LFCTV GO costs £49.99 for an annual subscription or £4.99 per month. For further information and to subscribe please click here.Use code GOFREE2023 to get one month free . You can also register for free to access the free content and live match audio commentary.

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What is my position on the Waiting List?

To check your position on the Season Ticket Waiting List, click here and enter your Supporter ID and password. Your Waiting List position will be shown in the 'My Profile' section, below your phone number.If your details are not recognised when you try to login, or if no position is showing on your

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What do I do if my NFC pass shows as expired?

Follow the instructions below if your pass has expirediPhoneOpen your Apple Wallet appTap on the "View Expired Passes" text (you might need to scroll down if you have lots of passes in your wallet)Supporters need to unhide their NFC pass if it has dropped into their expired passes, or it won't reapp

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Can I amend or cancel a Stadium Tour booking?

If you need to change or cancel your booking, please contact us here . We can accept cancellations as long as a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is given. Please note: For late arrivals, we would try our best to accommodate you should there be any spaces available on a later tour. However,this is subject

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How long does The LFC Stadium Tour take?

The duration of a guided LFC Stadium Tour is approximately 75 minutes.​During busy periods, including around match days and during school and public holidays, we operate a self-guided tour where you can experience the tour and go around the route at your own pace. ​All LFC Stadium Tour tickets inclu

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