Ways to Earn Points in MyLFC

Ways to Earn Points in MyLFC

How it works

What do I have to do to earn or win?
You must complete a range of easy tasks in order to earn points. When you have enough points you will be able to redeem them for your chosen rewards. You can view the current set of tasks, benefits and rewards within the MyLFC area of the Official LFC App.

What tasks must I complete and where can I see them?
Tasks might be things like predicting a match score or selecting your team in the Match Centre, completing a poll or short survey, “touching the sign” on a match day, or watching a specific video. Tasks will change regularly with new tasks added in future. The tasks available to complete will be listed in the MyLFC area of the Official LFC App.

How do I know if I’ve completed a task or not?
When you visit the MyLFC area of the Official LFC App, you will see an activity timeline which lists all the tasks you’ve completed.

Earn Points: Location Check-in 

What is a location check-in?
A location check-in is a type of task where you are able to earn benefits and rewards by using your mobile device to “check in” to a specified location where you are physically in attendance. For example, on a match day you might be invited to check in at Anfield as you find your seat prior to kick off.

How do I check in to a location?
In the MyLFC Earn area of the Official LFC App or official LFC website you will find all current tasks. This is also where you will find location check-in tasks. When you navigate to a location check-in task you will be presented with a map noting the physical location of the check-in and the distance you are from the location. If you are within range of the location (c50 metres) you will be able to “tap” to check-in. If you are out of range, you will be presented with a message advising you as such.

Are there any technical requirements to check in?
You must download and install the Official LFC App – location check-in is only accessible via the Official LFC App. The app is available on iOS (iOS13 and newer) and Android (7.0 and newer) devices. Please visit your app store and search for “LFC Official App”.

Earn Points: Voucher Code Redemption

What is voucher code redemption and how do I earn them?
Voucher code redemption is a way of adding points to your MyLFC by entering a valid voucher code within MyLFC. A voucher code may have been acquired by completing a task online or offline via LFC or a partner, where the voucher code is presented to you on completion of a task. For example, you might complete a survey online and be presented with a voucher code. Another example might be depositing a plastic bottle at a recycling points on a match day and being handed a voucher code by a fan support colleague.

How do I redeem a voucher code for points?
Within the MyLFC Earn area of both the Official LFC App and official LFC website, you will find a “Redeem Voucher Code” box where you can enter a valid voucher code.

Earn Points: Watch a Video

What is a video earn opportunity?
A video earn opportunity is a task where you are able to earn benefits and rewards by watching a video within MyLFC.

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