How can I participate in MyLFC?

How can I participate in MyLFC?

How can I participate? 
As long as you are registered on the official LFC website or Official LFC App you will be able to access the MyLFC area and participate via the Official LFC App. You can find a link to MyLFC in the Official LFC App navigation. 

What does it cost to participate? 
It’s free to participate you just need to be registered on the official LFC website or Official LFC App. 

Can I be based anywhere in the world to participate? 
MyLFC is open to all our fans around the world. 

Are there any age restrictions? 
No, all fans can register and participate. 

I don't have the Official LFC App, how do I get it and access MyLFC? 
The app is available on iOS (iOS13 and newer) and Android (7.0 and newer) devices. Please visit your app store and search for “LFC Official App”. When you visit the app store page of the app, it will detail if your device is compatible. 
  1. First, visit your iOS or Android app store to download and install the Official LFC App. 
  2. Then, register or login to your account (LFC website/app account) on the Official LFC App - this is separate to an LFC ticketing or Official Membership login. 
  3. Once logged in, go to the navigation and find ‘MyLFC’ and tap 
  4. Here you will find information about the tasks you must complete and the benefits & rewards you can earn or win. 

Are there any rules and suggestions when participating in MyLFC? 
  1. You must be registered  – we don’t know it’s you if you’re not registered and logged in. 
  2. You must download and install the Official LFC App – tasks you need to complete to earn benefits & rewards are accessible via the Official LFC App. 
  3. You must be signed-in to the Official LFC App when completing tasks - otherwise we don’t know you’re completing tasks! 
  4. You should complete as many tasks as you can – otherwise you might not earn enough points to redeem your chosen benefits & rewards. 
  5. You should claim and redeem any benefits & rewards earned as soon as you can otherwise you may lose out on them. 
  6. You should read the participation Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for full information. 

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