Season Ticket Waiting List – Further FAQs

Season Ticket Waiting List – Further FAQs

How do I update my address or contact details for the Waiting List?
Click here and enter your supporter ID and password, once logged in you can update your address and contact details.

I don't agree with my position on the Waiting List - can I do anything about it?
The positions on the list have been checked and audited at each stage of the consolidation process. Due to the time that has elapsed since the launch of the official waiting list project we are unable to pursue any further queries about list positions.

How is the Waiting List organised?
The list is ordered chronologically and those who have been on the list the longest will be offered a Season Ticket first.

I wasn't contacted about the consolidation project in 2011?
Liverpool FC made every effort to contact all 70,000 fans at the registered address and publicised the project extensively on the LFC website. The project is now closed and further applications to join cannot be pursued due to the time elapsed.

How can I be removed from the Waiting List?
To be removed from the list please contact Ticketing Services via the link below and provide your name, address and date of birth. Please note that the £5 administration fee paid cannot be refunded.

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