Season Ticket Finance FAQs

Season Ticket Finance FAQs

How to apply

How do I apply for finance to pay for my Season Ticket?
  1. Select the V12 Finance option at the checkout page and you will be automatically redirected to the V12 Finance website to complete your finance application. Please note, you must complete your finance application within 45 minutes.

What information do I need to hand to complete my application?
  1. You will need to provide the following information:
    1. Previous 3 years address history (with correct postcodes)
    2. Email address and mobile number
    3. Employment details
    4. Bank details
    5. Photographic ID (this will only be required if your application is referred)

Can a member of my Friends and Family renew my Season Ticket for me using V12 Finance?
  1. Yes. If renewing more than one Season Tickets in the same transaction, they would all need to be paid for using the Finance option and would be bound to one Finance agreement. To renew with individual Finance agreements, you should renew your own Season Tickets.

How old must I be to apply for Finance for my Season Ticket?
  1. You must be 18 years old or over.

Getting a decision

How long will it take to get a decision on my finance application?
  1. You will receive a decision almost instantly unless your application is referred. Please note, you must complete your finance application within 45 minutes. For full details click here.

My application for finance has been referred by V12 Finance, but I have received a confirmation e-mail from the Club confirming my Season Ticket has been renewed. What does this mean?
  1. V12 are completing further checks before confirming whether your application has been accepted or declined. V12 will contact you directly should they require any further information. Please note, your purchase is not complete until V12 have accepted your finance application or you have made alternative payment should your application be declined.

What do I do if my Finance application is declined?
  1. V12 will email you to advise that your application has been declined. The email will contain an Appeal process which you can follow should you still wish to pay via the Finance option. Alternatively, you can purchase your Season Ticket via another payment method.

Payment options

Can I use both Ticket Cash and V12 Finance to pay for my Season Ticket?
  1. Yes, we recommend you first use your Ticket Cash then complete your application with V12.

Can I pay for my Season Ticket using a credit/debit card or cash, then pay the remaining balance via V12 Finance?
  1. No, you are unable to make a part payment using cash or debit/credit card, and make up the difference using V12 Finance.

Can I use the Finance option to purchase my Season Ticket if I do not reside in the UK?
  1. No, V12 Finance can only offer finance facilities to UK residents.

Will I be charged a fee if I renew using the Finance option?
  1. The 10 month repayment plan interest rate is 0%, meaning you do not pay any interest. An administration fee will be charged which will be included in your first monthly payment and the cost of the administration fee will be calculated as 3.95% of the cost of your Season Ticket. For full details and a representative example, click here.

More help

I have another question about V12 Finance, how can I contact them?
  1. You can contact V12 Finance at:

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