Season Ticket Auto Cup Scheme FAQs

Season Ticket Auto Cup Scheme FAQs

Will I need to meet eligibility criteria to join the Auto Cup Scheme for the 2023/24 Season?
  1. Yes, season ticket holders are subject to the same qualifying criteria as members. This allows for a much fairer process for all supporters who would like to attend home cup matches.

Where can I find details about joining the Auto Cup Schemes, including eligibility criteria?
  1. For details on the scheme and eligibility criteria click here. When you renew your season ticket online, the system will show you the schemes you are eligible to enrol into during the season ticket renewal period.

When do I need to pay for games if I enrol into an Auto Cup Scheme?
  1. Liverpool Football Club will automatically charge your registered credit/debit card if and when any home cup fixtures arise, or a draw is confirmed. We will be able to confirm ticket prices once fixtures are confirmed.

If I decide to enrol during the Additional Enrolment Period, do I have a choice in the seats I am offered?
  1. Seating will be subject to availability at the time of your enrolment. Full details will be published on the Auto Cup Scheme section of the Ticketing site here.

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