My Membership discount isn't being applied to my order - what should I do?

My Membership discount isn't being applied to my order - what should I do?

There are a few reasons why your Membership discount may not be applied. Check below whether any of the reasons below could apply to you.

Do you have an active Membership?
Membership discount will only be applied if you have an active Membership for the current season. To check if your Membership is active for this season, follow these steps:

  1. Try logging in to the Members' Area
  2. if you can log in, your 20/21 Membership is active
  3. If you get a message saying 'you don't have access to this area', you don't have a valid 20/21 Membership and will need to renew your existing Membership or start a new Membership. Go here to start the renewal/purchase process.

Have you linked your active Membership to your Official Liverpool FC Store account?
To receive your discount, you need to have linked your Membership to your online store account. We have a full guide here on how to do this.

Does your order include sale items?
Membership discount is not applied on sale items.
  1. If your order includes some sale items and some full-price items, your Membership discount will be applied to the full-price items only
  2. If your order contains only sale items, you will not see your Membership discount shown because nothing in the order is eligible for discount.

Have you exceeded your Membership discount allowance for the season?
To ensure fair use of our Membership discount, the maximum amount of discount you can redeem per season is £75 - that means you can have a discount on up to £750 worth of ordered products. You can read more about the Membership discount allowance here.

If you are still experiencing problems after checking all of the above, please contact our Fan Services team.

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