Why can't I log in to the Members' Area?

Why can't I log in to the Members' Area?

If you are seeing this error message when trying to log in to the Members' Area using your existing details, you need to reset your password:
Wrong Supporter ID or password provided. You may need to update your password, please click here to reset your password.

Follow the link on the error message to reset your password and gain access to the Members' Area.

Note that if you use the same email address for multiple Memberships (e.g. for managing your child's Membership) then you will need to complete the password reset and get a password reset email for each Supporter ID. 

Not sure what your Supporter ID is? (you need this to reset your password). You will find it in your email confirming your Membership renewal. Or, if you haven't renewed/don't have the email, use our Supporter ID retrieval page to check what your Supporter ID is and complete. 

Having trouble receiving your password reset email, or entering a new password? Check our FAQ here.

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