In Store Order FAQs

In Store Order FAQs

What happens if after placing my order I want to change my items or delivery address? 
Once you've placed your order, we can't change any details. If you no longer need something you ordered, you can return the item(s) to the store with an itemised till receipt for a refund.

How do I track progress of my order?
Updates will be sent to the email address you provided in the store.

How do I request a refund or exchange?
All products must be physically returned to store with the itemised till receipt. The only exceptions to this rule are personalised products and memberships, which can't be returned.

Is my invoice within the parcel a valid receipt for return?
No, the stock must be returned with the itemised till receipt.

I have received my item and it is damaged, what are the next steps? 
You can either contact our Fan Services team using the link underneath this article, or email the store direct (email addresses are noted on the reverse of your till receipt).

How long will my parcel take to be delivered?
Please refer to your email updates for delivery progress.

My email confirmation states my parcel has been shipped but it has not been delivered, what are next steps?
Please refer to our article on How can I track my order? 

Can I return my parcel via the post for a refund or exchange?
No, all items must be physically returned to store for refunds and exchanges. 

Can I returned personalised items that I have ordered?
We are unable to accept any returned personalised items.

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