What is LFC Gaming and how can I get involved?

What is LFC Gaming and how can I get involved?

What is LFC Gaming?

LFC gaming is a new online gaming community that enables fans to play socially and compete against each other for prizes on some of the world’s most popular games consoles and titles, such as EA FIFA, EA Madden, EA NHL, NBA2K and more.

Why have you created LFC Gaming?

We want to continually give our fans ways to interact with and get more from the club. With many fans, young and old, local and global, owning games consoles and playing a wide range of games, we wanted to give them the chance to play each other socially and to compete for LFC prizes in a safe and exciting community.

How do I participate?

As long as you are registered via MyLFC on the official LFC website or Official LFC App you will be able to access the LFC Gaming platform and participate via your PlayStation or Xbox console. You can find a link to LFC Gaming within the My LFC Rewards link on the official LFC website and Official LFC App navigation.

What does it cost to participate?

It’s free to participate. You just need to be registered via MyLFC on the official LFC website or Official LFC App.

In addition, you must own a compatible console, such as a Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One & Xbox Series S & X and you will also need to own a copy of the game title you wish to play.

Can I be based anywhere in the world to participate?

LFC Gaming is open to all our fans around the world.

Do I need any specific technology or software?

To play you must be able to access the Rival platform via a computer or mobile device which has access to the internet. You will use this to sign-up to the Rival platform and register for any tournaments you wish to participate in.

You will also need a compatible games console with connection to the internet. These include Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One & Xbox Series S & X. This is where you will play tournaments you participate in

In addition, you will also need to own a copy of the game title you wish to play and have an active online account (PS Plus, Xbox Live)

What games can I play?

You will be able to play game titles such as EA FIFA, EA Madden, EA NHL, NBA2K and more. You will need to own a copy of the game title you wish to play.

What can I earn or win?

Not all tournaments will feature prizes, but all will earn you “Rivals Points”, which are used to earn your place in the LFC Gaming leaderboard and the global Rival leaderboard. When tournaments include prizes they might be things like official LFC merchandise or offers, real-world and virtual fan experiences, partner products or offers, or digital downloads and collectibles. There will be new prizes available on a regular basis.

How do I earn “Rival Points” or win prizes?

Each tournament will have clear prizing and rules details for you to view. In general, an allocation of points will be available to earn in each tournament, and depending how you perform will determine how many points can be earned. For tournaments that include prizes, unless otherwise stated, the winner of the tournament will win the prize.

How do I get started?

  1. First, visit your iOS or Android app store to download and install the Official LFC App or visit the Official LFC Website.
  2. Then, register or login to your MyLFC account on the Official LFC App or Official LFC Website.
  3. Once logged in, go to the navigation and find ‘LFC Rewards’ and tap. Here you will find a link to navigate to the LFC Gaming portal on the Rival platform.
  4. Once you land there, simply sign-up Rivals and follow the simple steps to set up your console and register for tournaments.

Are there any rules?

You must:
  1. Be a registered MyLFC user and logged in when accessing the Rivals platform.
  2. Always adhere to the rules, terms and conditions as detailed in each tournament.
  3. Make sure that you play your part in ensuring that this platform is inclusive to all by being friendly, helpful, encouraging and refraining from using abusive or discriminatory language.
See the participation terms & conditions for full information - this is located on each tournament page.

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