What is Ticket Cash and how do I use it?

What is Ticket Cash and how do I use it?

What is Ticket Cash and how do I get it?
Ticket Cash is an option you can select for the return of your refund following the sale of your seat, if using the Ticket Exchange. When you select Ticket Cash, instead of money being refunded to your original method of payment, it will stay in an online wallet linked to your Ticketing Account. You can then use it for future ticket purchases. Any Ticket Cash owed to you will be returned to you after the match has been played.

How do I use my Ticket Cash?
When purchasing tickets online, you can deduct Ticket Cash off the cost of your purchase when you reach the checkout. Ticket Cash cannot be used for Auto Cup Scheme ticket payments.
If you are using Ticket Cash alongside an additional payment method, please ensure that you select the Ticket Cash option first.

Can I use the Ticket Cash belonging to a member of my Friends and Family, if making a purchase on their behalf?
Yes, and the amount used will only be deducted from the cost of their purchase.

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