How do I find my NFC pass on my smartphone once I have downloaded it?

How do I find my NFC pass on my smartphone once I have downloaded it?

If you have an iPhone, your NFC pass can be found in your Apple Wallet.

If you have an Android/Google phone, it can be found in your Google Pay app. 

For a step-by-step guide go here.  

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      • How many times can I download my NFC pass to my smartphone?

        You can only download your NFC pass once.  If you delete the pass or replace the smartphone it was originally downloaded to, please contact using the link below and the pass can be reset for you to download again..
      • Can I download my Friend/Family member’s NFC pass if they do not have a compatible smartphone?

        No, Season Ticket Holders and Members who do not have a compatible smartphone to download their NFC pass to, will be required to request a stadium access card and provide a photograph, which will be printed onto the card. Stadium access cards must be ...
      • When do I need to download my NFC pass by?

        You must download your season ticket NFC pass to your smartphone before Monday 26 July to ensure you are all set to attend the first home game to be played at Anfield this season. The download takes just a couple of minutes to do.  If you do not ...
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      • What devices are compatible with NFC?

        Most Android/Google phones and iPhone 6 and above are compatible with NFC technology. Please ensure that you are using the most up-to-date software on your device. If you are using an Android/Google phone, we advise that you use the Google Chrome ...