Is the Carabao Cup on display?

Is the Carabao Cup on display?

The Carabao Cup trophy is on display in The LFC Museum  for fans to see if they are booked on the LFC Stadium Tours and Museum experience. To book a stadium tour please click here

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      • Why can't I watch Carabao Cup highlights?

        Due to the broadcasting rights for Carabao Cup matches, we are unable to broadcast any highlights of the match to international (Non-UK) supporters until midnight on the day after the match. i.e. Midnight on Wednesday for a Tuesday match.
      • Season Ticket Auto Cup Scheme FAQs

        Will I need to meet eligibility criteria to join the Auto Cup Scheme for the 2022/23 Season? Yes, season ticket holders are now subject to the same qualifying criteria as members to enrol in the clubs Auto Cup Schemes. This allows for a much fairer ...
      • Trophy FAQ's

        Which Trophies are on display? The Premier League and Carabao Cup trophies are on display in the Museum and the UEFA Champions League is on display on the tour route. You can buy tickets on our booking site.  The trophies are not available to view on ...
      • Will I be able to enrol into the Auto Cup Schemes?

        Full details for the Auto Cup Scheme Additional Enrolment period, including eligibility requirements will published in June each seasaon. Full information is available on our Auto Cup Scheme pages here.
      • Why are Season 2019/20 credits being used to allocate tickets for cup games during Season 2021/22?

        As our participation in the 2019/20 cup competitions was completed in its entirety, we will be using the game history from that season to help allocate access to cup matches for the 2021/22 season.