What safety procedures are in place?

What safety procedures are in place?

All guests will be required to have their temperature checked before entering the stadium.  We have introduced additional hand sanitiser stations throughout the tour route for all visitors to use.  Regular cleaning will also be undertaken throughout the day and all staff will be wearing PPE. 

 A newly designed one-way system will be introduced with 1 metre + markers in place to ensure social distancing is maintained. Signage is present in all areas to help guide you along the route and remind you to keep a safe distance apart.


What happens if my temperature is too high?

If your temperature is found to be too high, we will ask you to return to the Stadium Tours reception approx. 20-30 mins later to have it taken again.  Should your temperature check still be too high at the second test we will unfortunately not be able to allow you on tour.  In this case, we will happily rearrange your tour for another day.

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