If you are having an issue with the LFCTV GO App, Apple users need to update the App, while Android users will need to download the new version from the Google Play store.
If you still have an issue after you have done this then please contact us on the link below explaining the issue you have and the type of phone you are using.

Due to restrictions with Apple and Google, you are unable to register or subscribe through the LFCTV GO App. To register or subscribe please go to https://video.liverpoolfc.com/
If you need to update your password or payment, or personal details these will also need to be done at https://video.liverpoolfc.com/

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      • How can I Cancel my LFCTV GO Subscription?

        You can cancel your subscription online as follows: N.B. This must be done through the website and not on the App. Log in to My LFC here Click on MYLFC Select 'Manage Subscriptions' Click on the 'Cancel Plan' button Your LFCTV GO subscription will ...
      • How much is an LFCTV GO Subscription?

        Subscription to LFCTV GO costs £49.99 for an annual subscription or £4.99 per month. For further information and to subscribe please click here. Use code GOFREE2023 to get one month free . You can also register for free to access the free content and ...
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        Members can access their LFCTV GO discount code in the Membership Benefits area here from 1st June. For information on how to redeem your LFCTV Go discount code, please click here.
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        Like other club channels, LFCTV GO is not permitted to broadcast live first team games on the website or TV channel as match coverage is restricted by broadcast regulations. This includes Premier League fixtures and all other competitive ...
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        LFCTV subscription is through Sky or Virgin and enables you to watch the LFCTV channel on your TV. For more information on subscribing to the LFCTV channel click here. LFCTV GO is an online subscription which is accessed via your PC or mobile device. ...